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I have spent most of my life baking to bless family and friends, but it wasn’t until I learned that I had food allergies that I really understood what a blessing baking really is. When I was diagnosed, I had to follow a very strict diet-no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no peanuts, no cashews, no walnuts, and no sugar. My then fiancé, now husband, Manny, was already following a restricted diet of no gluten or dairy as he had allergies as well. It was a challenge to find a restaurant that was “safe” and social gatherings were equally challenging trying to explain why we couldn’t eat what was served. One cold winter morning, I decided I was going to make “safe” French Toast for us. Manny’s surprise at seeing something he hadn’t had in years warmed my heart, but when he took the first bite and I could see amazement and satisfaction and delight in being able to eat something that had been “unsafe” due to his allergies, it sparked a desire to put “unsafe” foods back on our plate. 

Over the years, the “no-no” diet as has stopped being about what we cannot have and has become what we can enjoy. It has stopped being about what was taken away (think holiday foods, birthday parties, potlucks, sporting events, and all the memories tied to those events) and has become something special that we can be a part of. It has stopped being about not getting sick and has become a way to enjoy our health.
We at White Dove Bakery know the challenges faced when food allergies or sensitivities are a part of one’s life and we bake to bring a bit of sweetness into your day. Every day is a blessing, especially with a gluten, soy, and dairy free treat.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
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